Canning Pumpkins


I had some pumpkins that we didn’t carve for Halloween; we just had them outside for decoration. But then we got some COLD weather and the pumpkins froze. I knew when they thawed that they would turn to mush, so I decided it was finally time to process them into puree for pumpkin pies (and muffins, and pancakes, and cakes, and cookies, etc. etc etc!!!)

My process was to cut them, peel them and chop into smaller pieces. Cook in the roaster on low heat until soft then puree all of it and can it in quart jars. None of which I documented because I was too busy with the whole messy project to stop and take a picture.

But I’ve found an easier method that I’ll try next year and I’m attaching a link HERE. Just in case you want to make your own pumpkin puree 😉

Today I’m going to make some pumpkin butter which is pretty darn delicious!!

Pumpkin butter



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