My Sewing Buddy

I have to show you my nine patches. I have reached the half-way point for the gazillion that I need:


Don’t they look pretty on the table like that!?! I love these little nine patch units,, can’t wait to get the quilts finished!!

Now, about that sewing buddy of mine. I’ve read that having a pet can help you live longer and be happier. And that is certainly possible. I do know that having a pet means there is never a dull moment!

Norman likes to keep me company when I am sewing (or when I am watching TV, or reading or eating or sleeping, for that matter!!!) Here he is keeping me company weekend before last while I was putting together the “Jamestown Landing” blocks:



He did not seem to mind at all that he was getting buried under piles of fabric!

Then this morning, just as I was trying to snap the photo of all my nine patches, he decided that he needed to check them out:



If you look closely on the right side of the first photo, you can see a shadow of his paw as he was beginning to jump up on the table. Good thing I got the photo when I did, because now half of the blocks are on the floor!


Roses have thorns

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