Paul Bunyan

For the past few years we’ve been joining some friends at a forestry show, named after the mythical lumberjack, Paul Bunyan. There are lots of big machines that are used in the forestry industry and lots of chains saws and other tools.







Not really my “thing”!!

But, fear not! I have come prepared! While DH goes out and watches all the machinery and the lumberjack contests, I will stay cozy in my camper and work on this:


This is the quilt our group made to donate to Hospice. They will raffle it off to raise funds. Sorry I couldn’t spread it out and get a better shot. I’ll be sure to do that when we are home again.

I’m going to stay in and sew the hanging sleeve and the label onto the back of it.


I’m posting from my phone so I don’t have any photos of inspirational quotes. But this Beatles song keeps running through my head:

“I get by with little help from my friends.”

Bet you can’t help but sing those words and now the song is going to be stuck in your head too.

You’re Welcome!

2 thoughts on “Paul Bunyan

  1. What is that pattern? It is beautiful. I hope that you got your email newsletter that Bonnie is doing THREE classes in bedford this year I am already signed up and put my vaction slip in Hope to see you there.


    1. Sherri, it’s one of Bonnie’s free patterns “Cathedral Stars” I asked her if we could use it for a fund raiser raffle and she graciously said yes. Three classes – Woo-Hoo!! If I can swing it, I’ll definitely be there!!


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