It’s Hard to Choose Just One

I have so many projects started and I want to get them all finished. But I can’t seem to settle on just one project. I have all the blocks to lay out for Jamestown Landing and then sew together. But I don’t have a design wall which means I have to use a design floor. Since the only areas with enough open floor space are the living room, the sun room or the master bedroom AND since DH objects to having quilts laid out on said floors, I haven’t been able to work on that right now.

Although, if I lay the blocks out in the living room and tell him that I HAVE to do it that way because I don’t have a design wall, maybe it would motivate him to get the foam boards that I’ve been asking for all summer!!! I haven’t been able to get them myself because 1) the truck was not running and 2) now that the truck is running, DH keeps taking it to work!! ERG!!!

But, fear not, I have plenty of other things that I can work on, even if I don’t sew the blocks together for Jamestown Landing. I need to sew hanging sleeves on three quilts that need to go into our show NEXT WEEK. I started making the sleeves but they’ll require hand sewing to the backs of the quilts. Since we are going camping this weekend, I’ll save the hand sewing for then. I wake up so much earlier than DH, I can go into the living area of the fifth wheel and quietly stitch, while he continues to snore for an hour or two!!!

I also have the Leader/Ender challenge to work on. That is the lozenge block that Bonnie challenged us to make:


I’ve been steadily working on this in between chain piecing units for Jamestown Landing. And also between units for Tumolo Trails:


I’ve been building up my supply of tiny little nine patch units (they finish at 3″, so each square in each nine patch is 1″) This is the quilt that I am making for a friend, but I love it so much that I have to make one for myself, too! So I need about a gazillion nine patches!!!

I still haven’t done the quilting on the purple embroidered quilt. I know I have a large spool of variegated purple thread, but I haven’t been able to find it. This is a little frustrating, since I want to get the quilting done. But since I haven’t really started an all out search and rescue mission, I really shouldn’t complain about being frustrated!!

Those are just the tip of the iceberg as far as projects right now. I’m hoping that this fall will be uneventful as far as other life issues and I can spend a lot more time just sewing!


After all this is over

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