Doing a Happy Dance

Happy dance

It always feels good to get something finished!! Yes, last night I put the last stitch in the table runner I’ve been working on!!! The only trouble is, I can’t show it here today because it’s my challenge project and I want to save it until the quilt show.

My quilt group issues a challenge each year. This year we were supposed to make something using recycled materials. That was pretty much the only guideline for the challenge – we could make it any size, any style as long as it was predominantly made with recycled materials. It took me quite a while to figure out what I wanted to do.

I thought about making a quilt with shirts from the thrift store – after all, that’s what Bonnie Hunter would do 😀

I thought about using my wedding dress to make some quilt blocks. And before you start gasping in horror, I need to explain that my dress suffered some damage over the years and is not in very good condition. DD has already said that she is not interested in trying to salvage it to wear at any possible, future wedding. So, if I cut it up and used it in a quilt, it would be giving it new life.

Then I thought I could combine those two ideas and make blocks from my dress and DH’s old shirts. I gave serious thought to this, but time kept passing and I knew I’d never get it finished by the beginning of October. I guess I’ll put that idea on a back burner for now.

Finally I made the decision to make a table runner – a much smaller project than a quilt – and I decided just what previously used items I’d need to put it together. I had all the materials gathered together and let them sit for a few more weeks while I did other things. Then, just before we left for vacation, I decided I needed to have a hand sewing project to take with me. So I rushed around and did all the prep work so that I could take it with me. DH couldn’t figure out why I was sewing something, when we had such a short amount of time to get everything ready to go!!

And now it’s finished!! Yay!! The quilt show is going to run from October 10 – 12, so you’ll have to wait until after that to see photos of it here.

Now I can get back to my other hand stitching projects. I’ve neglected my hexie project all summer long. I’ve neglected my Tea Leaves circles for even longer!! DGC#3 was just asking about that one the other day – she always liked to help me by choosing which color “leaf” to sew next. Now that evenings are getting longer, I’ll have to keep both projects handy so that I can get them finished sometime in the (probably distant) future!!


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