I wish it were last Friday

Okay, I started this post yesterday and tried to persevere while the internet kept giving me fits. Needless to say, I didn’t get it posted yesterday!! But here it is today.

Ugg, it’s Monday again. Time to get back to work – no more playing with my friends. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just put the last three days on continuous loop for a while!?! Instead of Monday it would be last Friday and we were just starting our quilting time. Imagine how much we could accomplish if we had, say, a whole week to quilt!!!

Bev and Barb came down to spend some “play” time with me over the weekend. They got here Friday afternoon and we set up right away for some serious sewing to get done.

Bev was working on nine patches for Bonnie Hunter’s “Tumolo Trails” and her version of Bonnie’s “Blue Ridge Beauty” quilt:


This is the same pattern that I did in red and then set all wonky, which I am calling “A-mazing in Red”


Hard to believe that these are both from the same pattern, isn’t it? (I wasn’t sewing on this, this is a finished top that is, sadly, still waiting to be quilted.)

Barb was working on a couple projects. She was making borders for her adaptation of Bonnie Hunter’s “Jamestown Landing” and also making parts for “Tumolo Trails”. But best of all, she showed us the progress she has been making on her own design:


My project was trying to get all the string pieced blocks finished for my version of “Jamestown Landing”:


I did, just barely, manage to get them all done. I’ve decided that, although I do love the way the string pieced blocks look, I really do not love the technique of making them. I just find it very disruptive to have to stop, find a strip of fabric, trim it to approximate size, stitch it down and then repeat the process over and over (168 blocks x 5, 6 or 7 strips = Er-r-r-r!!) I did start to cheat at the end and cut multiple strips all at one time and then sew them. It speeded up the process a good bit, but it still was quite a lot to do. Then I still have to de-paper, press and trim all of then blocks!!! No thanks, I’d rather just cut pieces of fabric to the correct size and then sew them together – done!!!

Still, I really do love the look of the blocks in this quilt, so I’ll have to start thinking about another way to achieve it – something that isn’t so time intensive or so wasteful of fabric (I hate trimming off all the odd corners and little edges!!!)

Okay, this is as much as I was able to get done yesterday and I can’t get much more to upload, so I give up for now.

I wanted to link to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. Click HERE


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