I just saw this on Facebook. It stands for Orca Bay Wednesday OR On track with Bonnie Wednesday OR One Bite Wednesday. I kind of like the last one as it reminds me of how to eat an elephant (or tackle an immense project) one bite at a time!!! I need to remember that when I look at the WIPs in my closet. If I just keep doing a little bit each day, eventually they will get finished.

How to eat an elephant

One of the things that was helping was setting goals for each month. I realize that I haven’t been keeping up with that this summer and I need to get back in the habit.

Here were my goals for June (yes, June!! I really have been slipping on this!!)

1) Continue to get things done at Peace House – I know, it’s not a quilting goal exactly, but the sooner I get things done, the sooner I’ll be able to concentrate on more quilting!

Well, I can’t really say this is DONE, but I’ve been doing a lot!

2) Continue sewing hexies

I actually stopped work on the hexies for a while, but I’ve been working on other hand sewing projects.

3) Maybe, just maybe, I can get one of the flimsies quilted if DH will get the Fun Quilter moved for me!

It took a lot longer than I thought it would for DH to get the Fun Quilter moved. And I haven’t taken the time to load anything and try it out yet.

4) Attend Bonnie Hunter lecture and workshops at the end of the month – what a reward to look forward to, getting to see Bonnie for a whole weekend and spend time with my QFFs too!

DONE!! Yes, the workshops were great and seeing my besties was awesome. We need to do that again real soon, like this weekend!!!

Okay, now for my get it done goals for September:

1) Finish the table runner, which is my Challenge project for my quilt group.
2) Load a quilt onto the Fun Quilter and make sure the tension didn’t get out of whack during the move!
3) Finish the strip pieced blocks that I need to make for the “Jamestown Landing” quilt. This is supposed to be for a Christmas gift and I’d like it to be for this year!!
4) Sew hanging sleeves onto two finished quilts so that I can enter them into the Quilt show at the Autumn Glory Festival.

I’m easing my way back into my get it done plan and not getting too extreme with the amount of things I’d like to accomplish. I may get more radical the closer we get to Christmas!!!


This you tube video struck a chord with me – maybe you will enjoy it, too.

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