Quilty Secrets

I didn’t think I had time for a post today – lots of things to do, not enough hours in the day!! But then I saw a post over on 13 Spools about listing your 10 quilty secrets and I came up with a list pretty quickly.

10 quilty secrets

1. I almost never pay attention to a fabric “line”. In fact, I think that using all the same line of fabrics in one quilt is too matchy-matchy.

2. I almost never pre-wash my fabrics. Unless I’m really afraid the color will bleed or it’s going to shrink up a whole lot, I wait until it’s all done and wash the quilt when it’s finished. I like the way they crinkle up.

3. To me, a quilt is something that you can wrap up in on a chilly evening. Therefore wall hangings, mini quilts and quilts using mixed media are not quite quilts.

4. I often use flat sheets for backings. Since I hardly ever hand quilt, I don’t have any problem with getting the quilting done and I like the way the sheets feel.

5. I hardly ever hand quilt! I’ve never mastered the rocking motion that people use when quilting in a frame, so my hand quilting is limited to small items where I can scrunch it in my left hand while doing a running stitch with my right.

6. I seldom pin and I often don’t trim. I’m usually in too much of a hurry to do either one.

7. I have bad sewing habits – I put pins in my mouth (on the rare occasions that I use them) I forget to retract my rotary cutter blade. I throw threads and clippings all over the floor and I seldom clean up the studio, so I’m constantly working in the midst of chaos.

8. I haven’t replaced the needle in my machine for months!! Gasp! I don’t seem to be having any problems with it, so I’ll keep it there until I do!

9. I cannot bring myself to throw away even the tiniest scraps. I’m working on this one, because it’s just getting out of hand. I mean, seriously, am I really going to make a quilt out of HST that finish at 1/2″!?! Well, I might, so I better not get rid of them yet!!!

10. I have more UFO’s than even I would like to think about!!! I need to have a variety of different projects to suit my mood but then I get easily distracted by something new and forget about the old. I keep promising myself I’m going to get them all caught up, but I never do.

There you go, 10 secrets about my quilting. Head over to 13 Spools to see what skeletons are in other people’s closets. Click HERE


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