Let’s Catch Up

I was missing in action last week. Well, missing on the blog – not in real life – I had plenty of action going on, which is why I wasn’t on the blog!!!

So what was going on all last week!?! Let’s start with the last weekend of July.

DH decided to go to a “Trucks Gone Wild” event with DS#2 and his children. I decided that I would pass on that particular outing. I would have loved to spend time camping with the family, but I wasn’t so much interested in the loud trucks and MUD, MUD, MUD!!!


That’s the whatchacallit – narrator, MC, host – of Trucks Gone Wild with DS and DGC. They had a wonderful time getting down and dirty all weekend.

But I stayed home. One thing is certain – DH does not have anything to be jealous about with me! I had a weekend all to myself and what was the first thing I thought of!?!

“Yay! I’ll call my QFFs and see if we can get together!!”

It took a bit to figure out the details – modern technology was not cooperating for me last weekend! – but we finally worked out that Barb could be here for Saturday and Sunday. We just couldn’t work out the scheduling so that Bev could join us. 😥

Barb and I both worked on the “Jamestown Landing” quilts that we started at the Bonnie Hunter workshop. Barb had modified her design to make two lap quilts, instead of one king size quilt and I just kept plugging away at my purple version.


This is from Bonnie’s book “String Fling” I really like the look of it and think it’s going to be a really nice quilt once it’s done, but I’ve discovered that I don’t really care for the string piecing. That’s the neutral colored squares, that have diagonal strips of fabric. It’s not that I HATE doing them – that would be terrible, because I wouldn’t want to do it and this quilt would take forever to get finished (if it got finished at all!!!) But it is not my favorite technique. I have to make 168 string pieced squares. I think I have about 40 done. So it shouldn’t take me too long to get the rest finished. And after that, I probably won’t start any more quilts that use that technique – at least not for a long while. As for all the purple HST, I don’t mind them very much at all. I just send them through the sewing machine with mindless repetition. It’s very relaxing, since I don’t have to think about it very much. With the string piecing, I have to think about which strips will work where and trim them to length so they’ll fit. I prefer not having to think too much when I’m piecing!!

That was my weekend. The rest of the week was spent at the Agricultural Fair. I’ll post some of the pictures from that tomorrow since I have to work for my other boss today.


I plead

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