Work in Progress Wednesday

The break from moving and sorting and putting away is over. DH came home from working yesterday and said we have to get everything from the sewing studio moved into the new space. Can you believe that!?! He is anxious to get the sewing studio all set up!!

Actually, it’s DD that wants the stuff moved out of her house and when DD wants something done, DH jumps right on it!!! Nothing like being daddy’s little girl!

So my work in progress looks like this:


I haven’t been able to do anymore on the purple quilt, because by the time I was able to get all the stuff into place in the studio, I was so hot and sticky, I couldn’t stand to stay in there any longer. We have an window air conditioner in the living room, so I stayed out there for the rest of the evening.

I was going to link with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday, but she’s on vacation for the next two weeks. Sorry there won’t be anything else to look at for inspiration.

More moving to be done today, so I better get going.


Pull into peace

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