Making Progress

Yesterday was an “interesting” day. And by interesting, I mean, I don’t want to have another like it for a while. It seemed that everything that I needed to get done took much, much longer than I would have liked. One of the reasons was because my internet connection was going terribly slow. I thought it was just me, but I’ve heard from a number of people that theirs was also very slow. It must have been something out in the atmosphere!

Anyway, it seems a little better today – Hooray!!

I’ve been making small progress on my purple quilt:


This is going to be a gift that I hope to be able to give at Christmas (this year – but it might get bumped if I don’t have more time to play with it!!) It’s nice to have a specific recipient for a quilt. I can think about them and infuse the fabric with positive thoughts and prayers while I am sewing.

Bonnie talked about how she uses a paper plate holder to keep here rulers in. Click HERE to see her system. This photo is how I store my rulers:


I don’t have a whole lot of rulers so this wooden letter organizer works perfectly for me. I keep it right next to my cutting table and the rulers are handy-by when I need them.

I’m linking with Quilt Story today for Fabric Tuesday. Click HERE

Peace in your heart

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