Let’s Try Again

I think I am going to be able to get some more photos from our Independence Day celebration.

We also offered rock and tree climbing:



Actually, the darling sons and a friend were putting up a new string of lights to replace one of the burned out strings. DH had put lights up from the pavilion to the outdoor “facilities” so that people would be able to find their way after dark. The lights also give a nice glow for the playground area, making it nice for the children.

We had music on Friday – there was supposed to be some on Saturday, too, but I fell asleep before it started. This was the afternoon jam session. I already told you how disgusted I am with myself for not having my camera with me during the evening set.


We set off some Sky Lanterns:


what a great weekend!!

I had a meeting with my quilt group last night. Small crowd due to people being on vacations. Or it could have been because of the strong storms we had. But we did have one new visitor – Mary Hanna – I hope she will join us again and bring some of her quilts in to share. She had some photos and they looked really nice!!

I’m hoping to get back to sewing on a regular schedule. All this moving and sorting through and putting away has been taking a toll on my quilting time and I really miss it!!! In the evenings I’ve been able to at least play with fabric – I discovered boxes of cotton shirts and clothing that I had been saving to use in quilts. Instead of putting the boxes into the back of the closet like they were before, I’m making myself go through them and “de-bone” all of it, then press and fold the pieces so they won’t take up so much room. And they’ll be ready for use when I can get back to more sewing!

But for now, it’s back to the daily grind!!


always dream

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