Some Pictures from Saturday

This was the room where we were having the workshops – it was a pretty good set up. Everyone had a nice size space for working. There was plenty of power (no breakers were tripping!!) and the light wasn’t bad. We had 54 ladies sewing on “Jamestown Landing” which is in Bonnie’s book “String Fling”:

029jamestown landing

I’m doing my version of “Jamestown Landing” in purples and neutrals. Hopefully, I’ll have a picture of at least a portion of it finished soon.

Here is Bonnie admiring Barb’s new old machine. Barb found it at a garage sale and only paid $40.00 for it!!! It’s a Singer Centennial that came in a wooden case. I am having a brain bubble and can’t remember the model number. But Bonnie was impressed with it.


This is Bonnie giving a demonstration to our group. The purple units close to the edge of the table are mine. Bonnie was touching my pieces!!! Actually, at one point she had them on her quilt rack, but I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture!!!


This was our table on Saturday. Barb is on the right in the foreground working steadily on her pieces. In the center are Rebecca and Cathy showing off what they’ve been doing.


Here they are in a close up.

rebecca and cathy

Rebecca had some lovely blue blocks and Cathy’s black and neutral blocks were striking. I hope I hear back from them about the progress on their quilts.

Well, once again, I have a lot of things to do today and not enough hours in the day to get them done. Better get started and try to get some of it finished.


Bad Day

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