Back to the Same, Old, Dull Routine

There’s no quilting weekend to look forward to. And there’s a good bit of work that built up while I was away. But boy did we have fun this past weekend!!!

Friday I met with Barb and then we picked up Bev for the start of our adventure. Bonnie was giving a lecture that evening and we didn’t want to miss one minute of it.


Even though Bonnie meets thousands of people every year, it still feels like she’s a good friend that we’re able to catch up with after a long absence. We also got to catch up with some other ladies that we had met last year.


Sheri and Carla were there again, with Carla’s daughter, Samantha. Sheri was the lady that came to our rescue last year when Bev’s machine became possessed and started sewing at top speed all by itself and then began smoking. Sheri loaned Bev her spare machine, so that she could continue with the workshop. Fortunately, nothing like that happened this year!! Lynn was also here again – we all ate lunch together last year and we got to chat a while this year.

We also met some new friends – Hello to Sally, Gerri, Rebecca and Cathy (I’m sorry if I’ve spelled your names wrong – if I did, leave a comment so I can correct it!!) It was wonderful to meet you.

I have more pictures but they’re going to have to wait – today is invoicing day and I also have to go get Mom home from the hospital. Don’t worry – it doesn’t appear that there was anything more serious than an ear infection, but she was having dizzy spells and fainted, so she took a ride in a rescue squad to the ER. The hospital kept her for observation, put her on antibiotics and she should be coming home today. So it’s another very busy day!!



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