How many hours is it!?!

This is the weekend to be devoted to quilting 24/7!! I’ll be joining Bev and Barb and we are going to have an orgy of sewing, with a lecture and two workshops by Bonnie Hunter.

We only have the rest of this day, tomorrow and part of Friday and we’ll be getting to see each other and Bonnie!!! I am so excited that it’s hard to concentrate on all the drudgery that needs to be done around here! And there is plenty of that!! DD has moved into her new home and has helped me by boxing up and carrying more of my stuff over to Peace House. But I still have to go through all of that stuff and decide what to do with it. Do I keep it or get rid of it? If I’m getting rid of it, do I give it to the thrift store, try to sell it or throw it in the trash? If I’m keeping it, it needs to be cleaned (everything needs to be cleaned – I have always hated dusting and it is vividly apparent when sorting all these dusty things!!!) and decide where it should go in its new home.

I am definitely becoming a fan of minimalism!!!

Bev and Barb – I’ve already purchased our “official” quilt snack (Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips) and I’ll be bringing muffins from the local bakery to make a quick breakfast. Barb – thanks for making the BBB&B available for me to stay. I’ve been organizing everything that I need to bring (including a spare sewing machine in case we have any issues like last year!)

Counting down the hours!!


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One thought on “How many hours is it!?!

  1. Can’t wait to see you girls this weekend. Don’t worry I am also bringing along a spare machine for this weekend but it is going to be my featherweight. Recently found a 301 and I also was gifted an older Blue singer that I hope to blow the dust off this weekend


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