At Work

I’m working for the other boss today, so there’s nothing much to share. I didn’t get much done yesterday (sewing wise) I did sew a few more HST, but then I heard a thunk in the closet of the studio.


Apparently, there is too much fabric loaded on the shelves!!! Also, some of the supports were not screwed into studs which is what pulled loose.

DH did fix it for me, but he was pretty appalled at the amount of fabric that I had in the closet!! I told him I would just have to spend a lot more time sewing to use it all up, but he didn’t seem to think that was the best solution. Really, some people can be so obtuse!!


Love is

One thought on “At Work

  1. That looks like a little pile to me but hey if you need to lighten the load I accept fabric stash donations.. ROFLMAO.. And since we are both attending the Bonnie Hunter Weekend.. I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED that would be a good time to Lighten those heavy shelves … ROFL My Husband would be upset too but hey It is my passion and I don’t complain about his Chickens ( He thinks he is a chicken farmer)


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