Busy, busy, busy

I’m really hoping that I can get back to a more normal schedule soon!!

The move is going steadily, if not swiftly. DH, Norman and I are living predominantly in Peace House now. There are still things in the other house that need to be dealt with – either moved over with us, or disposed of in some manner (either given to family and friends, donated to a charity thrift shop, or sent to the trash!) None of it is fabric, though! Sorry ladies! I have too many projects that I’d like to make to be getting rid of any of that!!

Beside the move there is also real life that has been keeping me busy. The darling grand children have been having end of the year concerts, awards presentations and other activities that require my attendance.

Here is DGC#3 during her chorus recital:


And DGC#5 receiving an award from his teacher:

walker award

The renovations on Peace House that DH has been working on are coming along nicely. He’s been replacing windows, installing new roofing, remodeling the master bedroom and main bath. Every time he finishes one thing, we seem to find three others that need to be done. It took us 27 years to get our other house to a point where we didn’t need to add or change anything. DH seems to be determined to get Peace House to that point this summer!!! While I appreciate him making all the effort to make this house a home, he really does need to relax once in a while!

One thing that has been very nice is the side deck. It faces towards the East and it’s nice to be able to watch the sunrise:


What a nice start to the morning – I like to take a cup of tea with me and enjoy the dawn.

And – HOORAY!! – I’ve been able to fit a little bit of sewing into my schedule! I still haven’t been able to do as much as I like (I only get to do that when we have a retreat and I can sew all day long!!), but at least I can get a few minutes in here and there. I have some projects that I want to finish to give as Christmas gifts, so I’m trying to work on them as much as possible. One of them requires 3 1/2″HST, which I started cutting last night:


Maybe I’ll be able to cut the rest that I need and sew some of them together tonight!

I’ve got a new linky to try. Click HERE to go to “I have to say” for Show and Tell Tuesday.


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