Monday, June 9


One of the ladies from my quilt group said that she was off work today and she was just going to turn off the phone, lock the doors and have a private quilt retreat today. Woo-hoo! You go girl!! I wish I could join you!

Over the weekend we accomplished quite a bit. DH made a big push to get things moved. He was able to empty out our bedroom and bathroom; all but one big hutch out of the dining room, everything that we were taking out of the living room, and some of the things out of the office and sewing studio – but not the Fun Quilter YET!!!

I boxed up small items, directed where everything goes in Peace House and put things back in their new place, plus made sure that all of the menfolk doing the hard work had food and drink to keep them moving!!!

DGC#2 stayed for the weekend and was a BIG help carrying all the small stuff. He’s a great kid! I’ve got a nice story to share about him.

At the old house we have some barn cats that are half wild. We’ve always made sure that the kitties have some food besides the mice that are always abundant when you have a barn! One of the cats had kittens a few weeks ago and she moved them onto our back porch for some reason. On Friday evening, I was up there getting things boxed up when I suddenly heard some very loud, very pathetic meowing out back. I went to investigate and discovered that at least one of the kittens had managed to get down into a drain pipe that goes under the back porch and out to the ditch at the road. There was no way that I was going to be able to get that kitten out! But DGC#2 came to the rescue!! Being young and much more flexible, he reached down and managed to catch hold of the poor thing and pulled it to safety!!! Yay!!! But then we realized there was a second kitten down there, too. As much as he tried, that one was bound and determined to evade the human hand trying to grab hold of it. But our boy figured out that if the kitten had something to grab onto, it just might be able to crawl out on it’s own. So we tore strips from an old towel that would reach to the bottom of the pipe and sure enough after quite a long, tense wait, the kitten emerged!! Needless to say, the drainage pipe is blocked off so that curious kittens do not go down there anymore!!!!

Here is the hero with the kittens that he saved – the two all black kittens were the ones in the pipe, the black and white ones are siblings:


Saturday evening we attended the Blue and Gold banquet for DGC#5’s Cub Scout troop. Here he is receiving an award and being promoted to the next level:


After church on Sunday, DH, DGC#2 and I moved a few more boxes of stuff before we had to return our helper to his parents. Then DH and I spent time sorting and putting away.

Wouldn’t you think that after all this time we would have everything done!?! Well, no, we still have quite a bit of stuff that needs to be moved over here. We haven’t even started on the basement or the garage. Good Grief! We’ll be moving for the next year at this rate!!!

At least Norman is happy in his new home:


Why he likes the sink, I could not say!


Count Your Blessings

One thought on “Monday, June 9

  1. Glad to hear you are getting so much done moving. I love the blessing poster. I know your grandchildren are in your count!!


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