Finally Friday!

The trouble with saying “Finally Friday” is that most people get to relax for the weekend. That isn’t going to happen around here! There’s still plenty of stuff that needs to be done, so DH and I are going to be working our butts off (I wish that was literal!!!).

If we get everything crossed off our lists we might get to relax on Sunday.

Last Sunday we went to DS#2’s house for a neighborhood softball game. Here is DGC#5 taking a swing.


He was doing pretty good – got a couple solid hits in and ran the bases like a champ.

Then there is DGC#2:


He’s been in Little League for a few years and he’s quite the ball player. When he connects with the ball he usually blasts it way out there!

I finally managed to sit down at the sewing machine last night and sewed some HSTs. These are going to be for a Christmas gift – a queen size bed quilt – so I better get more time to sit and sew or this might be a gift that has “some assembly required”!


I have to work for the other boss today. 😥


Here's to the crazy ones

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