The song doesn’t really relate to anything that happened yesterday – but it’s the Beatles!!! That’s why it’s here!

My yesterday was filled up with work, work, work! I started out cleaning house – ugh! – then DH needed me to go with him to the hardware store to pick out a light fixture for the bathroom in Peace House, while he got the plumbing fixtures that he needed to finish hooking up the toilet.

When we got home from the hardware store, he started working on the bathroom, and I got back to work on house cleaning. Believe me, I really needed to get things cleaned up – I’ve been giving the general cleaning a lick and a promise while I’ve been sorting through stuff in the sewing studio!! Then DH halloo-ed for me to come over and help him with one “little” thing. I needed to watch where he was drilling a hole to run a water line to make sure it was going through where he wanted it to. (If it didn’t go through where he wanted, I’m sure there was nothing that could be done about it by the time I saw it, but “ours is not to reason why . . “)

Then I got suckered into helping with the rest of the work he wanted to get done in that bathroom. He’s putting tongue and groove pine on the walls to cover the really hideous paneling. While he cut the boards I got to use the pneumatic finish nailer to put them on the walls. Yippee!! something I always wanted to do!! 🙄

We finally finished about 7:30, which left enough time for us to shower all the sawdust off, grab a bite to eat (thank goodness I had put something in the slow cooker!!) and crash for the night!

But the good news is – the main bath may not be finished but is fully functioning!!! Shower, sink and toilet are all hooked up and working!! Yay!!

I’m off to work for the “other” boss today.


Let it go

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