Get it Done – May

Time Flys

May!!!! How have four months gone by so quickly!?! .

I’m going to be busy doing invoicing for DH, so I got started on this blog post early.

It’s time to review my “Get it Done” goals. For April I had a few things that I wanted to get done:

1) I’d like to push to get Celtic Solstice all pieced AND quilted, but I’ll be happy if I can get it pieced. – Nope. Seriously, this has been on the list for too long now!
2) Sew the stars together from the CS bonus triangles. I think I want to use the stars to make a center medallion for a bigger quilt and I just plain want to get these tiny pieces out of the way!! – Nope, although I’ve sewn a few HST together, I have not completed any more stars.
3) Coordinate work on the Hospice quilt. My quilt group is making a quilt to give to the local Hospice so that they can use it for a fund raiser. Somehow I became the chairperson for this effort. – Hallelujah!! I did get this taken care of!!! It is now in the hands of the quilters and will be returned completely finished (someone does the binding, too!)
4) Continue work on hexies – I’ve been going gang-busters on this one, so I don’t think it will be hard to accomplish this goal!! – Yes – I’ve been able to get more hexies done throughout the month.
Cleaning – since my motivation is having family here for Easter dinner, I guess I better concentrate on the dining room and kitchen. – Well, yes and no. We had Easter dinner over at Peace House, so that was cleaned real well. The kitchen and dining room at our home – not so much. I mean, the health department won’t shut down my kitchen, but it’s not as clean and organized as I would have liked!

This lack of getting my goals done is a little upsetting. I mean, what is the point of setting goals if you don’t actually get them accomplished!?!
But at the same time, I know that I’ve been very busy with a lot of things, so I don’t feel that my time was completely wasted over the past month.

DH and I have been getting a lot of things done over at Peace House, which is a very good thing. I’m hoping that it will be ready for occupancy in time for the start of summer.

And I’ve been getting other things sewn, even though they weren’t on the list of goals for April.

I got the tree skirt for my holiday tree sewn together. I’ve done a lot of prep work for other projects. Last night I sewed together three of the dog beds that I had cut out. And yesterday, while helping DH – which consisted of a lot of waiting until he needed me to hold a water line in place while he fitted things together – I started putting together the rows for “A-mazing in Red”


It’s been quite a few months since I worked on this. I started it in the Bonnie Hunter class I attended last June.

So here’s what I’m going to put on my list of goals for May:

1) Finish assembling “A-mazing in Red”
2) Start making some nine patch units and HST units to get a jump start on some projects I’d like to have done for Christmas
3) Work on hexies
4) Quilt one of the flimsies that I have stashed away. I’m not even going to designate any particular one – just get one quilted!!!

Cleaning – I’m going to concentrate on getting the sewing studio reorganized. I’ve been doing a lot of it already, so I’m hoping that this month I can get it completed.

How about any of you out there? Do you have some goals for May that you’d like to share. Leave a comment and we’ll check back in on the 31st.

I haven’t linked up with Freshly Pieced for quite a while – let’s go see what people have going for WIP Wednesday. Click HERE


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