Nothing to Show

Living with a quilter

I always have high hopes that I’m going to get a lot of things done each day. I start out real good – I wake up early, drink my tea and plan what I’m going to do. But things tend to unravel from there. Between doing things with DH, cleaning house, dealing with business related items, phone calls, etc, etc, etc. I sometimes don’t get very much accomplished.

Today, the one little project that I was able to work on is not something I can reveal just yet – so I can’t post any photos of it. I was able to sew a few more hexies – but that is also not photograph-able until it is finished. 🙄

I thought I would have some time to, at least, sew some dog beds. Our quilt group is working on making dog beds for the local animal shelters and I have six of them cut and ready to sew. But I didn’t get to that project last night. I thought to myself that I would just wake up early and power sew for a couple hours this morning and I’d be able to get them done. And I’d be able to photograph a pile of finished dog beds. But THAT didn’t happen!!


I guess I’ll just keep trying to do the best that I can and muddle through somehow. I’ll link up with Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday so you can go over there and see what fabulous stuff everyone else is accomplishing!! Click HERE


Reasons to be happy

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