Missing in Action

I’m sorry I haven’t been around in cyberspace lately. There’s this thing called “real life” that has been keeping me pretty busy right now! The main thing that would help get me back on a regular schedule would be if DH and I would stop reinfecting each other with these cold germs!!! Fortunately, I haven’t been nearly as sick as him, but this just keeps hanging on.

Things at Peace House are progressing very nicely. We’ve started the side deck that will look out at the bit of view that we have there.


That’s a friend, Mark, helping with the framing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all his help!!! We wouldn’t be anywhere near this far along in the process, if it weren’t for him.

I’ve been doing some detail work inside. It has always bothered me that the risers in the stairwells are the same color as the treads:


This is the stairwell from the lower level to the 2nd floor. As you can see, the treads and risers have been painted a dark grey. The stairs from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor were just bare wood. I didn’t get a before shot of them, but here is the after:


I know I wasn’t being very imaginative using plain white for the risers (just check this out HERE to see what can be done with a stair riser!!) but I’m happy with the way it looks.

I’ll be painting the risers from the 1st to 2nd floor soon – they need to be scrubbed clean and there is still no water in the house right now. DH assures me that he will finish the work in the main bathroom this week and then the water can be turned on. Believe me, I’m going to be pestering him about it!!!

On the quilting front – not a lot going on. I did send the Hospice quilt on to the quilters.

Hospice quilt

Can’t wait to see this all finished.

I just barely managed to assemble an Easter tree skirt for my holiday tree:


No, it’s not finished – it’s not even pressed!!! But it covered the ugly metal base of the tree and that was good! I’ll finish it up before I put away all the decorations and then it will be ready for next year.

I’ve also been doing a lot of prep work for projects – cutting strips for various quilts and sorting them into the boxes for each size strip; cutting more hexies and gluing the papers to the backs; marking the diagonal lines needed for the lozenge quilt; etc. Nothing very photo worthy, but it’s all steps forward to getting a finished quilt some day.

There’s not really anything on my design wall, but I’m going to link up with Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. There are a lot of other people that are getting their projects done. Click HERE


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One thought on “Missing in Action

  1. Lisa – I love the Dresden plate for your holiday tree!! I wonder if I could make a LARGE one for my deck umbrella table that is split down one of the plates? That would be so much fun. BTW: Are you in PA ? Friendsville ? My sister lives there!! Cheers, Karen


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