My mind wanders

I was going to title this post “Quilting while Moving” and I was going to talk about trying to get quilting done while setting up a new home. All the work at Peace House plus all the work I’m trying to do with clearing out all the unneeded stuff in my home made me think about it.

But then my mind started off on an “interesting” detour and I got to thinking about moving my body while quilting. And this is where I ended up:


Okay, somebody else came up with the idea of a treadmill desk, so that you could work on your computer at the same time as you get a work out. Someone else decided to power their computer with a treadmill, so he had to work out to be able to surf the net. But I think this could be a big idea – power your sewing machine with a treadmill. The faster you walk – the faster you can sew! And you’d be able to kill two birds with one stone. You could get those UFO’s finished and get fit at the same time!!

Imagine the possibilities of this invention. If the treadmill could be interchangeable with other devices we could end the obesity epidemic!! The two most obvious (to me) are already illustrated – computer for work, sewing machine for fun – but there could be others. A Playstation or XBox for gamers. A mixer for people that like to bake (walk off the calories while you mix up a batch of cupcakes!!) A TV that will only turn on when you start walking!!

Honest – I haven’t started drinking this early in the morning! This is just how my brain works! Scary, isn’t it!!


dalai lama 2

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