Sewing for Comfort

Whenever I’m stressed, it is very relaxing for me to sit down and play with fabric and thread. So I have been fitting in some sewing the past few weeks. Mostly I’ve been sewing hexies, but I’ve also been able to sew some other things, too.

I started making a mini tree skirt for the holiday tree that stays up all year. I decorate for each holiday, but I didn’t have tree skirts for each holiday. So, for St. Patrick’s day I pulled out some green fabrics and made the tree skirt. I used my Dresden ruler to cut the pieces.


This is just one half of it. The Dresden circle requires 20 blades, so I used 20 different fabrics. I still need to take a photo of the finished project, but this gives you an idea of what I was working on.

Of course, Norman had to “help” with the decorating:


This is the reason I only use shatterproof ornaments when I’m decorating!!!

I’ll be switching out the St. Patrick ornaments for Easter ornaments, so I’ll need to make an Easter tree skirt next. We’ll see how long it takes for me to get that done!! 🙄

In between sewing the blades together for the tree skirt, I’ve been making more lozenges for the Bonnie Hunter Leader/Ender challenge. Click HERE to go to her blog post about the challenge. When you’re at her blog, you can also click on the tab for Tips and Techniques to learn about the L/E concept.

Anyway, I’ve made a few more lozenges and put them up on the wall:


and I didn’t like them very much!! Something wasn’t quite right – they didn’t look like the lozenges on the antique quilt that Bonnie was using for inspiration. Then it came to me, I didn’t pay attention to the directions!! I had made each lozenge with two dark corners and two light corners. Not the way it should have been done. I decided to un-sew and put them together correctly.


Ah-h-h-h! Much better. Each lozenge is clearly defined. It’s hard for my rebel spirit to listen to directions but sometimes doing things just like you’ve been told is a good thing!!!

Click HERE to go to Quilt Story for the Fabric Tuesday linky party.

I’ve got to run some errands for DH this morning, so I better get moving.


Dalai Lama

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