WIP Wednesday 3-12

I have so many works in progress that I don’t even know which ones to concentrate on!! Of course, I do need to concentrate on the ones that I chose for my goals this month. So that would be the hexies, finished Celtic Solstice to flimsy, quilt Easy Street and make a few more tiny stars.

But I can’t limit myself to just those four projects!!! Oh No!! that would be too easy!!! I’ve got just a few a lot more projects going on!!

I’m excited about this one:


This is the Leader/Ender challenge on Bonnie Hunter’s blog quiltville.blogspot.com. Each year she comes up with a L/E challenge to work on in between other projects. If you go over to her website and click on the Tips and Techniques tab, then scroll down to Leaders & Enders, you can read about how this technique works. I’ve decided to use my Civil War reproduction fabric for this. I know I commented somewhere that it would look stunning in bright fabrics, but the reproductions called to me. I’m using the technique of sewing diagonally through squares of fabric on each corner to make the light and dark triangles. This leaves a bonus set of triangles that I’ve sewn into half square triangles – I can’t bring myself to throw away those little bits of fabric! I’m so much happier saving them since I trained myself to sew the additional seam on each corner before I trim off the extra triangles. Then I don’t have itty, bitty triangles flying everywhere. Now I just have itty, bitty squares!!!! You can check out Bonus Triangle Bonanza on Bonnie’s blog to understand that technique a little better.

Before I can actually play with my fabric today on all these projects, I need to get a few things done around here. One of the first things is getting these put away:


I am so tired of snow this winter. i don’t want to look at snowman figurines anymore!! I want Spring!!!

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2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 3-12

    1. It’s probably going to take a while to get it finished because the one lozenge that I had pictured is the only one I’ve sewn so far!! Keep checking back as I’ll be posting about my progress!!


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