Friday Already!?!

And it’s a busy one for me today. Have to be ready to go out the door at 8:00 A.M. and I expect I’ll be gone all day. Which means no sewing. Which means I’m going to be a cranky camper!! Well, I’ll try to keep my spirits up with thinking about next weekend – attending a Quilt show with QFFs is on the schedule.

BTW – the well drilling is finished! DH was very disappointed that we couldn’t use the 10 GPM water that was found at 15′ (county regulations require wells to be at least 40′ deep) But we did get water that is 4 GPM at 80′ (sorry, yesterday I said the coal was at 80′ – I misunderstood what DH said.) Now 4 GPM is fine for only two people, but it’s not real great if there is a large group of people staying in the house. And since we are hoping to eventually get Peace House set up as a retreat for quilters and other crafters, we need to have a better water supply.

The solution? Keep drilling! We never did get any more water but because the well is now 240 feet deep, that forms a reservoir that will keep a good supply of water for the house. Now we just have to get everything hooked up so that the water in the well can get into the house. That’s a job for DH and I hope he can get it done soon!!!



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