Well, well, well

Woohoo!! The well drillers are set up and working over at Peace House.




We hit 10 gallon per minute water at 15 feet – too bad that has to be cased off. Then there was a seam of coal at 80′ – have to get past that. Now they’re drilling through mud so we’re going to need a liner or the well could collapse. Somewhere in there was water at 2 gallons per minute, which isn’t really enough. So they’re drilling again today. Keep your fingers crossed that we get some good water before we have to drill to the center of the Earth!!!

Meanwhile, here at home, I’ve been doing a few different quilting things.


1) I’ve been cutting rectangles and squares for Bonnie’s Leader/Ender challenge. Because, naturally I need ANOTHER project to work on!!!! Click HERE to see what that is all about.

jamestown landing
tumolo trail

2) I’ve also been cutting strips for two more future projects. These are also Bonnie Hunter related. I’ll be attending two of her workshops at the end of June. The blue quilt is Jamestown Landing and the other is Tumolo Trail. So, while I have the fabrics out, I’m also cutting the sizes of strips that I need for these two projects.


3) Hexies!!! Whenever I’m sitting down to relax, I play with these.

Go on over to Live a Colorful Life for Really, Random Thursday by clicking HERE.


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3 thoughts on “Well, well, well

  1. LOL at Don! My daddy always used to say that when someone would start a sentence with “Well…” 🙂

    Well… (ahem) I know absolutely NOTHING about drilling a well, so I only understood about half of that or maybe less. I guess 15 ft down isn’t really enough?? (Yep, city girl here… all the way…)

    Looks like you’re having colorful fun with your projects. I love your hexies!


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