WIP Wednesday 2-26-14

Good Grief!! This month is flying by! Where did the time go!?!

Time Flies

I know we’ve been spending a good bit of time over at Peace House. And there have been some other things going on besides quilting. But I’ve hardly got anything done!!!

I did spend some time cleaning off some surfaces in the studio yesterday. Maybe I will be able to work on my goals in these last three days of the month!!

Another thing that is blocking me is so silly I can hardly believe it.


I have yet to wind a bobbin on this thing!!! I don’t think that it is all that intimidating, but I just don’t seem to “find” the time to run off a dozen bobbins! What’s up with that!?!

And since I haven’t wound bobbins, I haven’t begun quilting on this:


I wanted to have this all quilted and ready for the binding, but right now it is still on the quilting frame with nothing but a few basting stitches.

Geez! What is wrong with me!?! 🙄 You’d think that since I have a one track quilting mind, I’d be in there every spare minute, but No-o-o-o, I’ve been finding just about anything to do besides winding bobbins.

Okay, I guess what I need to do is stop talking about it and just go do it!!!!

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Beginning Today

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