Progress on Peace House


Today we’re getting carpet installed on the third floor of Peace House. That will be for the two bedrooms and the sitting area up there. DH has been working on the bathroom on that floor – he installed a new vanity and sink, a new light fixture and re-did the walls. They were covered with paneling that is supposed to look like tile, which neither of us liked, so he used some tongue and groove cedar boards to cover it. It looks very “cottage-y” now.

We still have a number of things that we’d like to get done over there – the biggest issue is getting a new well drilled. We haven’t been able to schedule that because of the weather. But that has changed and maybe we won’t be having quite so much snow from now on. There are some windows that need to be replaced. Most of them will be the same size, but the one in the living room we want to have a little bigger, so that will require new framing. Then there’s some painting and little details that need taken care of. But it’s all coming together and Peace House will soon be ready for occupancy.

Since someone needs to be present while the carpet is being installed, I’m going to be spending a large chunk of the day over there. I’ve got my hexies all ready to go, so I’ll have something to do while the installers are doing their thing. I’ve also got a new book to read:

basement quilt

This is the first in a series. It sounds interesting. I’m not sure if I’ll take time to read it today, but it’ll be there if that’s what I decide to do.

Guess I better get moving, the installers are supposed to be here between 9:00 and 1:00. Even though I doubt that they’ll be here as early as 9:00, I think I should be ready, just in case!!

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After all this is over

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