Tuesday 2-18

I am having the worst trouble with getting pictures to load! I’ve also been having trouble with some scanned pages that I needed to send out to someone. I don’t know if this is a computer problem, an internet problem or a user error problem!! Whatever it is, I want the problems to stop!!!

Here are some of the photos that I wanted to share yesterday:


This is the hexie project that I am working on. I’ve prepared quite a few “flowers” to have handy for times that I just want to do some hand-sewing. The red flowers have brown centers and the light flowers have a darker light fabric for a center. Some of the flowers have a combination of red and light petals and, depending on the position in the design either a light or brown center. I’ve made a chart to keep track of all of it (not going to show that, or you’ll know what the design is going to be!!) And, as I sew the flowers together, I highlight those flowers. I am so anxious to see how this all turns out!!!


This is a picture of the full moon shining through the icicles hanging off my roof. I know it’s not in great focus, but I thought it was pretty. Barb liked that the moon was shaped like a hexie!!!


This is Barb’s project – a table runner for her daughter. I’m not revealing any secrets – this was a gift for Christmas 2013 that Barb is close to finishing now. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve given half finished gifts and then taken them back to finish as quickly as I can!!!

I had a picture of Bev’s project, which is gorgeous, but it won’t load into the post. Gr-r-r-r! She is making a quilt using Bonnie Hunters free pattern, “Bricks and Steppingstones” with bright, saturated colors for the bricks and black and white steppingstones. I’ll probably have to try making one like it sometime in the future!!! Here is someone else’s version of the pattern:

Bricks and Steppingstones

I’m going to link up with Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday – click HERE


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