Wintertime Blues

The snow looks so pretty, falling gently onto the evergreens.


Yeah – I’m really getting sick of this stuff!!!!


My poor little car got stuck out in this miserable stuff and now it’s just about buried!

And to top it all off, the TV dish is covered with snow, so I can’t watch old movies and sew hexies (which is what I planned for the day!)

Someone could go out and climb the ladder and clean the snow off the dish, but that someone is not going to be me!!! And, of course, DH is out plowing. So I’ll have to go to plan B – which is getting another quilt loaded on the Fun Quilter. I’ve got to get the wrinkles out of the batting and then I can get it all loaded.

And I can start quilting as soon as I fill a bunch of bobbins, which will be easy now that I got:


a bobbin winder! Such a big mechanism for such a tiny job. DH looked at it and said, “I could have built one of those.” I refrained from replying, “But when would that have happened!?!” I’m thinking that if I had asked him to make one for me I would never in my lifetime have been able to wind a bobbin for the Fun Quilter!!! But, see, I was putting into practice my ideas of being kind – I chose to keep silent instead of starting a pointless argument!! World Peace starts at home!!!

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If someone treats you like crap

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