The Day After


Or, in my case, grandchildren.

There’s a “Family Circus” cartoon that illustrates how things went yesterday. I tried to find it on-line, but couldn’t. So I’m going to try to describe it to you.

In the first frame a lovely, well dressed and perfectly coiffed Grandma stands in the center of her clean and neat home. The grandchildren are just walking in the door, saying, “Hi, Grandma!”

In the second frame Grandma is a wreck and the house is a disaster area. The grandchildren have obviously had a wonderful time as they call out while leaving, “Bye, Grandma!”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my DGC, every single one of them. But let’s face it, I don’t have the stamina that I had when I was younger! And I may be dramatizing just a little to make this post more humorous!! But. by the end of the day, I was one tired puppy!!!

With all the game playing and treat fixing and eating, as predicted, I did not get much sewing done at all. Maybe I can get a little bit done today.


One thought on “The Day After

  1. I love your picture and description! I feel the same way after a visit with relatives (or daughter with two dogs). Hopefully, you’ll have a few days to recover before the next winter storm when you’ll have some of them again.


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