Fabric Tuesday

I’m thinking ahead to next month’s goals. I have a pretty good idea of three of them that I want to get to work on. But the fourth one is giving me problems.

I’d like my fourth goal to be something that is machine pieced. I already have a hand sewing project that is going to be taking up a lot of my time (besides a few more that I haven’t been working on in a while!!!)

There are a couple options that I could do.

1) I have a big pile of itty, bitty HST that were the bonus pieces from the chevron units in Celtic Solstice. I could sew them into a miniature quilt, which I could use as a wall hanging in Peace House.

2) I could start a quilt that will be a Christmas quilt for a DGC. Five DGC have received quilts, leaving one final DGC. I was thinking of something like this for her:

flowers for Skylie

3) I still need to add sashing to the Black and Plaid double nine patch blocks to get it to the flimsy stage:


I’ll think about this for the next few days and decide which machine piecing project that I want to work on. Meanwhile, I’m going to try to finish up the goals for this month before Friday. I’m pretty close to having them all done, except for the cleaning goal. 😦 Maybe I should work on that today. Ugh!

Click HERE to go to Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday and see what is going on.


2 thoughts on “Fabric Tuesday

  1. that is such a clever and easy block for Christmas. I am going to put that in my stack of ideas for Christmas blocks also. thanks


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