Whoa Nelly!!

Over at Quiltville with Bonnie Hunter, she’s planning a trip to England. Click HERE to go to the post with all the details.


It sounds like a fantastic trip. I’d love to do something like that. So, while I was looking at it, DH walks in and I told him that I’d surely love to go to England with Bonnie.

His reply – “Well, go ahead if you want to.”


Whoa Nelly!! Did he really say what I thought I heard him say!?!

I’m going to England! I’m going to England!!

Time for a Happy Dance!!!

Happy Dance

Okay, you didn’t really think that my DH actually agreed that I could go to another country did you!?! He has separation anxiety when I spend the night in the house across the road!!!

No, he didn’t hear me correctly and didn’t get any details. So he had no idea what I was talking about.

Time for the Sad Dance.

Sad Dance


3 thoughts on “Whoa Nelly!!

  1. ROFLMAO! And I should know better! I was so happy for you.
    Maybe you should act as if you did go ahead and book the trip. Then he’ll be much happier when we can have a weekend quilting.


  2. What is that saying? “Birds of a feather…” I thought the same thing! The lesser of two evils is Bev and Barb taking you away to another state!!! Or even across the road is good. Speaking of which, I’ll email my available dates for a get-together – place and length of stay to be decided by all. I need some QFF time. I’ve had some big deadlines at work and my head aches.


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