A Running Errands Kind of Day

I’ve been chipping away at my goals, but there isn’t any significant progress to report. I was going to load the quilt for DH on the Fun Quilter, but I need a backing fabric. I had a piece that I thought would work, but it was about 2″ too narrow – and that didn’t include the extra allowance that I need to have for loading on the quilter. So I had to find some fabric to coordinate and get a strip of it that would give me the extra width I need. I did find a piece of fabric – but now I have to piece it onto the backing that I already have. Maybe I can get to that later today.

But first I need to go out and run some errands. DH needs some things from the hardware store and I have a few groceries on the list. I also have to stop at the bank to take care of a few things and then go to another bank where DD works. I have some things to drop off to her and since I’ll be in town, I can take care of that today.

These are the sorts of things that can be frustrating about living in a rural area. It’s seventeen miles to get to town, so I can’t just run out any ol’ time. I have to plan what I’m going to do. And, an even harder thing, remember all the things that I need to do!!!!

But then again, living in a rural area lets us see things like this:


I know it’s hard to see, but that’s a ruffled grouse that came into our back yard. DH and I watched it for a good twenty minutes as it tried to decide whether it really wanted some of the corn that is out back. Ultimately, it decided not to fight with all the blue jays that were busily feeding on said corn.


One thought on “A Running Errands Kind of Day

  1. Thanks for including me in your “Running Errands Kind of Day”. I was so happy to get the little project finished, and it looks great. As usual, I appreciated all of your helpful suggestions.


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