Not Much New

My design wall still looks the same:


I’ve got most of the blocks sliver trimmed, but I still haven’t sewn any of them together. I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs with Celtic Solstice and they are at least to the flimsy stage, if not completely done!!! Wow! Some people are such overachievers!! 😉

I did get to spend a good bit of time with most of my DGC on Sunday, which was very nice. The oldest, who is 13, was out with a friend, but that’s to be expected from a teenager. I’m pretty sure when I was a teenager I wanted to be with my friends a whole lot more than I wanted to spend time with my grandparents!!!

I’ve also been doing a lot of prep work for more of these:


With English Paper Piecing there are a number of steps that need to be done before the actual sewing. First I have to use my trusty paper punch to make the paper templates. I’ve been cutting them out of card stock, so that they can reused a few times:


I use a 1/4″ hole punch to make a hole in the center of each template, so that I can slide something in to pop the templates off the fabric after the pieces have been sewn. What I use is a short piece of a wooden skewer with the point sanded down to a rounded end. It works perfectly to get between the card stock and the fabric, without poking holes in the later.

After each template is made, I use washable glue stick to attach them to the fabric. That way they stay in place while I baste the edges of the fabric down. I don’t baste through the template, I just catch the folded edges of the fabric.

Once all the pieces are prepped and basted, then and only then, I can start sewing the flowers together. All this hand work is done when I’m sitting down in front of the “idiot box”. Usually, DH is in charge of the remote, so I’m not really watching what is on TV. But I’m in the same room with him, which makes him feel better! And I can sit in the recliner with my feet up, which makes me feel better!!

Click HERE to go to Patchwork Times to see what is on other peoples’ design walls.


One thought on “Not Much New

  1. Hi C,
    I see we’re at the same point in the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt. Well, yours is all laid out. I’ve just started arranging.
    It was nice meeting you and your friends at the blue ridge beauty workshop this summer. I really appreciated one of your friends from your group who shared the easy angle ruler with me. As soon as I got home, I bought one. I’ve really come to love it! Especially with this quilt!
    It’s funny how things go. I remember you did a lot of quilt as you go and your quilts are beautiful. I finally broke down and got a HQ 24″ long arm. It was delivered on Christmas eve. I’ve just played with it a little bit because I was sick. Still waiting on a few parts.
    Hopefully I’ll make it to the little quilt store you told me about when I visit my son at college.
    BTW, I just love the everlasting tree quilt/quilting!


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