A new quilt for a new year

I know, I know!! What am I starting another new project for!?! Am I absolutely out of my mind!?! Okay, don’t answer that second question!!!


But it’s Hexies!!!

I’ve been missing having a hexie project, so, since I heard that it was good luck to start a new quilt on the first day of the new year (like I needed an excuse!!) I started sewing some hexies together. This particular project is actually going to have to be top secret – I won’t be able to reveal much about it until after it is completely finished and presented to it’s recipient. But I think I’m safe in being able to show this much!!!

Onto other news; Bonnie Hunter revealed the final clue for her Celtic Solstice mystery quilt at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. And I was semi- wrong in my guess.

Here’s what I had on the design wall:


And here is Bonnie’s final clue:

Celtic Solstice

I thought we were going to have an on-point setting, but it’s actually a straight set. And, while I did get the blocks almost correct – the one with the green star points is supposed to have another foursie in the middle and the one that I have using the chevrons as another star is supposed to form a square with the chevrons – I was way off on how the border was going to work out.

Here are my units laid out according to Bonnie’s pattern on the design wall:


Now I just have to finish sewing the units from clue #5 and then I can get started on putting it all together.


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