Are you ready for Clue #4?

I’m not really ready, but I’m getting closer. It seems that the only time I have to sew is in the early morning when I first get up. Lately, I’ve been waking up at “this is ridiculous” o’clock as opposed to my usual waking hour of “a little too early” o’clock. But this morning I woke up at “what the heck!?! are you kidding me” o’clock, so I was able to get some extra sewing time in. Of course, since I wake up at such un-godly times, I’m usually ready for night-night very early in the evening!!

I’ve got all of clue #1 finished:


I just finished pressing the chevron halves to prep for sewing those two units together for clue #2:


I’m almost done sewing the HST for clue #3 and I still need to combine 100 of them into the pinwheels:


And now, here we are at clue #4 – foursies!


I knew we’d have to have some foursies in this quilt and here they are. Click HERE to go to Quiltville to see the directions for this clue.

Now, if only I didn’t have to work for my other boss, maybe I could get more sewing done. Unfortunately, these silly bosses expect that I should do actual work, if I want to get an actual paycheck!!!


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