I am such a Tightwad!!

Sometimes even I can’t believe the lengths I’ll go to, to save a buck!!

I have finally started the process of wrapping the mountain of gifts that DH and I have lovingly shopped for. I have wrapping paper that I bought at half price, last year after Christmas. And I have gift bags – some that I bought at half price, some that I received with a gift in it last year. I save gift bags and re-use them as many times as I possibly can!!

Hey, don’t judge me! I need to make a dollar stretch as far as possible!

So when I found out that I didn’t have any gift tags to write “To: and From:” I tried to come up with a creative solution. I certainly am not going to run out and buy – at full price!! – gift tags.

And my brain (which often fails me) actually kicked in gear and reminded me that I had some supplies that could be put to good use!

First I remembered these Christmas cards that didn’t have envelopes. Why they didn’t have envelopes is an unanswerable question, but there they were. Unusable, unless I could find other envelopes that would fit them (and I wasn’t planning on trying that!) But look at that lovely border on the inside of the card!!


I already had these other supplies:


I used the paper punch to cut tags out of the edges of the cards. Then the hole punch to put a hole at the top of the tag. The crochet thread made perfect cord for the tags. And Ta-Da!!!:


Gift tags!!!

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Now back to wrapping!


8 thoughts on “I am such a Tightwad!!

  1. Those are fabulous gift tags! I am very frugal too. I suggest that when everyone has opened their presents, save up those gift tags and use them again next year! They are too pretty to throw away! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  2. You are so clever! Do you want my extra orphan cards for next year’s tags? DH and I are brain storming for a quilt date. I’ll let you know if we come up with any ideas.


  3. I use the Christmas cards that I am sent by friends, and make gift tags from them (after Christmas, instead of throwing them away) by cutting out cute parts and gluing them onto folded pieces of scrapbook paper or card stock. They make presents much more special, I think!


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