Itty Bits

Yesterday I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped to do. Mainly because DH wanted me to look on the internet for replacement parts for a door lock. Yuck! First of all, I have no idea what I’m looking for. Second, when I find something, I still can’t understand the gibberish that is used to describe the item. And third, I want to sew!!!!

I never did find what he wanted and I think he should just replace the whole door, instead of fixing the lock – but that’s just my opinion!

We did go out in the afternoon and do a little more Christmas shopping. See, I don’t hate Christmas, I just want Christmas to stay within certain boundaries. It shouldn’t encroach on Thanksgiving, let alone Labor Day!!!

Today I am hoping to get all the decorating finished (I’ve been lazy about getting all the decorations up this year!) And I also want to get Christmas cards in the mail (I think Christmas cards should arrive before Christmas, don’t you!?!)

So I’m probably not going to get a lot of this done today:

Itty bits

I cropped in on the little pieces that are the bonus triangles. I’ve never really liked the stitch-and-flip method of adding triangles onto other pieces to make geese or star points or whatever. I always hated wasting those little bits of fabric. I’ve saved the triangles and done some things with them, but they are time consuming to deal with. Mainly because I had all these itty bits of fabric that needed to be matched up and sewn together. And they would all wind up in a big, jumbled up pile, getting wrinkled and frayed. What a mess!!

But now I think I may be a little happier with this process. And it’s all because of this:


My very good QFF, Bev, gave this little one inch by six inch ruler to me some time ago. It’s nice for trimming small pieces (which she does a LOT of!!!) but I wasn’t using it a whole lot. Then the mystery quilt came out and Bonnie instructed us to cut 2 x 3.5 inch rectangles and 2 x 2 inch squares. We are to mark a diagonal line on the 2″ squares and then sew along that line to make the parts of the chevron units. I decided to use this little, handy-dandy ruler to mark the diagonal lines. Then a light bulb went off in my head and I realized I could mark a second line, 1/2″ away from the first to mark a stitching line for the bonus triangle units. (See in the first photo where the light colored squares have two lines on them?) Then all I had to do was sew along both lines and cut between them and I would have the chevron unit AND a bonus triangle unit all done at once!!

I know that there are some people out there going, “What an idiot, I’ve been doing this for years!!!” But this is really a breakthrough for me! I resisted this for so long and then, once I tried it, I was amazed!!

If you’re in love with little, itty bits and hate to throw away even the tiniest little scrap, and if you’ve never tried this before, I highly recommend it!!!

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