A Productive Weekend

Yippee! I was able to get some quilting stuff done this weekend!!

I spent Saturday bouncing between cleaning house, doing office work and taking 10 minutes here and there to get all the pieces for the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt cut.


Not only did I get all the pieces for clue #1 and clue #2 cut and marked, I also was able to sew the binding onto this:


The machine sewing is done for that and now I just have to do the hand sewing on the back. There is a label in the corner all ready to be signed and then this will be completely finished!!! Good thing, because I think this is going to be a gift for a DGC.

AND I was also able to finish all the blocks for the black and plaid quilt.


They are pressed and ready to have sashing sewn onto them.

All in all I was pleased with all the progress I made! I’m well on my way to getting all the goals for December taken care of!!

But wait, there’s more!


Not only did I manage to get all the pieces cut and marked – I was able to get some sewing done too!!!! That’s because I’m back to my usual schedule of waking up at a ridiculously early hour (I don’t know what happened to me on Friday – sleeping in until 7:30 – what the heck!?!)

If you look closely at the picture, you will see that I’ve got a good portion of the sewing for clue #1 completed. I did one clue #2 unit (the blue, white and yellow chevron in the center of the photo) Below the chevron unit are a few bonus triangles. Bonnie said she wasn’t going to be bothered with those tiny extra units, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw “that much” fabric away! 😉

Just so everyone understands what I’m doing, color-wise, I’ve switched things around from Bonnie’s suggested colors. First I’m going with 30’s reproductions instead of the brighter, richer colors that Bonnie suggested. And here is my chart to keep the colors straight:

Bonnie’s suggested colors = the colors I’m using
Orange = Pink
Blue = Green
Green = Blue
Yellow = Yellow
Mixed neutrals = White

I decided on using plain white for the background fabrics which is more in keeping with a traditional 30’s quilt. And, in my humble opinion, sometimes it seems too busy with everything all scrappy. {no offence intended, Bonnie}

Since this is a mystery, I have no idea if this is going to turn out “right” or not, but I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that the changes I’ve made are going to be okay.

DH wanted me to get things done this morning so that we can get some more Christmas shopping done this afternoon. So I better get a move on!

Click HERE to go to the linky party at Quiltville to see what everyone else is doing with Celtic Solstice. And click HERE to go to Patchwork Times to see what is on everyone else’s design wall.


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