My Faith has been Restored

Just when all the commercialism of Christmas has been getting the better of me. And I think that all big business cares about is the almighty dollar. And I feel like I am one of the very small minority that still cares about Thanksgiving. Then I see something like this:


My good friend came over last night, since we are both hunting widows for the week. I offered to fix supper and she picked up a few things to add. The grocery store where she picked up those things used this bag. It’s not much, but it was enough to make me smile when I saw it. They probably have a lot of Christmas stuff on display, but at least they are using bags that say, “Happy Thanksgiving” Yay!!!

In other news, I finally got a photo of the finished apron:


I’m pleased with the way that this turned out. The pumpkin colored edging is a nice finishing touch. The only thing I would do different, if I ever make this pattern again, is lengthen the bib part of the pattern and shorten the skirt part. The apron is the right length but the waist ties are above my waist. Not by a lot, but it would be better if they were a few inches lower. And I thought the drape of the fabric would be funky because I cut this on the straight of grain instead of the bias, but it doesn’t affect it in the least.

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