Hopes and Dreams and a Winner

Another Design Wall Monday where I don’t have nearly as much done as I thought I would!!! I’ve been working on the double nine patch blocks, but I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked.

Here’e how many of the big blocks that I have done:


Two!!! Er-r-r-rg! I thought I’d have all the big blocks done and possibly have started on the sashing, but NO. I’ve only got two blocks done!!!

Of course, I did work on other things. I finished the Thanksgiving apron (sorry no picture right now.) And I spent some time with this young man yesterday:


My favorite Cub Scout – DGC#5. He had his very first Pinewood Derby yesterday. Sadly, he didn’t win any races, but I think he had a good time anyway.

And now – Ta-Dah!!!! – the announcement of the winner of the Travelling Stash!

Katie from Karma Willow is going to be the next recipient of all the goodies. Katie – I’ve sent you an email and, once I’ve heard back from you, I will get this box on it’s way. Congratulations!

I’m linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. Click HERE

And now I’m going to get back to all the things that need to be done this week. Big family get together at my house this weekend. So I’ll be going crazy trying to get everything cleaned, food fixed and attempting to fit a little sewing in somewhere.


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