Get it Done – October

I was reminded this weekend that I had forgotten about my Get It Done goals. Geez – how forgetful can I get!?! Since I have not done this in a timely fashion, I will not be able to link with Judy at Patchwork Times. But I’d like to keep going with this, even if I am a few weeks late!!!

This was what I had listed for October:


1) Finish sewing Bonnie quilt together into a flimsy. – Not Done. I still have all the blocks assembled into rows, but have never sewn the rows together.


2) Finish the three donation quilts before the quilt meeting. DONE!!! I turned in the last of the donation quilts and we presented them to the local organizations. I was so happy to be a part of that.


3) Finish the LAQ on the practice quilt that is loaded on the frame right now. – Not Done. I had a few difficulties along the way and didn’t finish yet.


4) Take apart and reassemble my Easy Street flimsy. – Not Done. Geez! what is taking me so long!?! It’s not like I need to make this quilt from scratch!! I just need to take apart a small section and then add the additional blocks (that are already made!) And I’ve had this on the list for two months!!

Now, to be fair to me, I have to say that I was very busy in October!! I did a mug rug swap, I went on the shop hop with my QFF’s, I did some canning, I mended a jacket for DS#3 and I did a lot of cleaning at home and at Piece House. So that might explain why I didn’t get so much done on my list of goals.

For November, I’d like to do better!

1) Finish quilting the blue and green quilt that is loaded on the frame!!
2) Get Bonnie quilt ( I think I’ve decided to call it A-mazing in Red) to flimsy stage!!
3) Take apart and reassemble Easy Street flimsy!!!
4) Double nine patch quilt at least to flimsy stage (but I’d REALLY like to get it completely finished)!!!!

Well, this wasn’t really about a lot of random things, but I’ll link up with Live a Colorful Life. Click HERE


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