Whole Lot of Projects Getting Done

Remember this?


Well, I decided what I wanted to do with it and then got it done!!!


I cut 2″ strips from all of my 30’s reproduction fabrics. Just one strip from each fabric. Then I sewed strips around the outside of the embroidered throw until it was “wide enough”. Then I still had a lot of strips, so I added strips to the top and bottom until it was “long enough”. It will fit a twin size bed now. I only meant to make it the size of a lap quilt, but it just grew. Sometimes our creations go in a different direction than we actually planned for them!!

Now I just need to get this on the Fun Quilter. I am hoping to finish the quilt that is on there now and then I can get this loaded, quilted and finished!!

I am also trying to finish the homespun double nine patch in quick time. I told Barb that I was going to try to have it finished before Thanksgiving. She looked at me as if I were out of my mind!! How in the world did I think that I could get a quilt done in four days!!! Oh, then she realized that this Thursday was not Thanksgiving – I actually have 18 days!!! And, in theory, now that I have the Fun Quilter, I could finish a quilt in that much time. I’ll keep you posted to let you know if I actually can accomplish that!!!

For a while on Saturday evening we had an additional sewist in our midst:


DD decided to visit for a while and then couldn’t keep her hands off the fabric!!! (It’s addictive, don’t you know!?!) She made herself a little mug rug with the scraps from my strippy quilt:


So cute!!

I’m linking up with Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday. Click HERE


One thought on “Whole Lot of Projects Getting Done

  1. Gosh that is a border lovers dream quilt hehehehe the colors are gorgeous and how neat to use it from all your 30s stash! I need to get my 30s repro stash going one of these days:)


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