Christmas in October

I got all my errands taken care of yesterday. I didn’t get the salsa made, but I’ll work on it today. I’m hoping that Facebook is working correctly today. I do not know why my post from yesterday didn’t show up in Facebook. There was an “unknown error” which is showing at the top of my page on WordPress right now. I can’t get it to go away. I just have this to say “Modern Technology – Ugh!” it’s great when it works correctly, it’s awful when it doesn’t!!

Anyway, I got a package in the mail yesterday!! Woo-hoo! it’s like Christmas!! Look what I got!!


Two beautiful mug rugs.



Let me explain what’s going on. Over on Quilting Gallery (click HERE) Michelle likes to plan all kinds of swaps. I decided to take part in her Mug Rug Swap (BTW – for those that don’t know, a mug rug is an overgrown coaster. It’s large enough to set a coffee mug and maybe a few cookies or some other snack on it) I registered and then was matched up with another person that joined the swap. Elizabeth was the lady that I was paired with. We contacted each other and talked about our likes. We actually have a lot of similarities in our quilting tastes. Please keep in touch, Elizabeth! I’d love to talk quilting with you!

So, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mug rugs that Elizabeth sent to me. I knew that the package was due to arrive in the mail yesterday and I was so anxious for the mail to get here. Wouldn’t you know it, they were running late!! But, finally the truck pulled up and my package was here!!! Yay!!! Look at how lovely those mug rugs are. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you inspect them closely. Aren’t they great!?!

I sent some mug rugs to Elizabeth (kind of a requirement in a swap!!) Here’s what I finally got made:



The tiny triangles might look familiar. As I was sewing some of these together, I thought that they might look really great in a mug rug. And, even though that one isn’t a true Autumn design, I think it will look nice for other times of the year. The one with the acorn on it took a little longer to make. I wanted to use wool to make the applique and I didn’t have any in the colors I wanted. So I had to order some wool felt before I could finish. Thankfully the company I ordered from is very quick in shipping things out. Check them out if you want wool felt.

I’m linking up with Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday. Click HERE.

Now, Bev and Barb, this part is for you. I tried to send an email out to you last night and I got a message that it didn’t go through. Barb, I assume that your “boss” probably strengthened the spam filters while you were off work! Bev, it looks like I can’t contact anyone that has a gmail account. I’ve had trouble sending emails to other people with gmail accounts. So, my suggestion right now is that Barb call me when you have the time, because I have a few issues about our weekend. Nothing major, but just a few things that will need to be tweaked. BTW – Barb, you are the scheduling queen in my book. I loved that you had two options with all the times planned out!!!


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