Very quick and random

Arg-g-g!! It’s another one of those days, where I have to run all over creation to get a bunch of things done!!! No time for sewing!! 😦

LAQ guild

I did play with the LAQ for a while yesterday. I was actually going swimmingly – merrily swooping around the quilt, leaving lovely designs quilted on my top.

Then (dun, dun, dah – suspenseful music!!) I looked at the underside of my quilt and saw something like this:


OH NO!!!

Somehow the tension was WAY, WAY off!!! Thankfully and curiously, it only happened on the last little bit of the quilting, not ALL of it! So I now have to unsew one section. Then try to get the tension corrected. YUCK!

In other news, I’m looking forward to Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt, which will be starting next month. Is anyone else thinking about doing this? It’s not like I NEED to have another project!! But it’s so much fun to be joining a group and making something new and wonderful. This was last year’s mystery:


I still have to get this one quilted, but, hey, when did having unfinished projects ever stop me from starting another one!!

I’m linking up with Live a Colorful Life for Really Random Thursday. Click HERE to see what’s going on. One thing she has on her post is a lovely mug rug with a pumpkin on it. I’ve had mug rugs on the brain lately and I might have to try one similar to that.


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