It Came From Outer Space

That was the name of the movie that DH was watching this weekend. He likes those old science fiction movies. Me – not so much! But that’s okay – I can just go sew, which is what I did.

It came from outer space

But I happened to catch the beginning of the movie before I went to sew. It actually seemed to be interesting. The two things about the aliens that made me think they couldn’t be all bad were:

One: they leave a shimmery trail of glitter everywhere they go.

Two: Their space ship was made out of hexies!!! Seriously, an alien hexie ship! I know it wasn’t fabric, but still – HEXIES!!

Okay, how can you not like aliens that travel in a hexie ship and poop glitter!!!! (I know they didn’t really poop it out, but “excrete glitter” just doesn’t sound as good!!)

I know the whole “taking-over-human-shapes-so-they-can-complete-their-mission” wasn’t the greatest thing, but, come on – glitter and hexies!!!!

Besides, (spoiler alert) the Earth was saved and the aliens went away – so it all worked out in the end!!

I’m off to the chiropractor this morning, then I am going to attempt to finish:


This has been on the frame for WAY too long. I need to make the commitment to getting it quilted and off the frame. I mean, the whole idea of getting a LAQ was to get quilting done much more quickly. Taking months to do the quilting on one quilt isn’t really an improvement!

I was going to link up to Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday, but they are not up and running yet. There is an announcement that they will be available later today. Maybe I can come back later and link up.

Meanwhile, I have to get ready for my visit to the chiropractor. Oh, and take care of a few errands while I’m out. And think, with a smile, that somewhere, out in space, is a spaceship made out of hexies, with a cloud of glitter all around it!!


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