Crazy Quilting

I just had to share this from Bonnie’s blog:

Crazy quilting

I’ve been having a lot of crazy days like this lately!!

I feel like I am being a real slacker these past few weeks. I mean a “quilting” slacker, because I’ve been extremely busy every day, just not with any quilting!!!

DH and I did spend some wonderful time over the weekend with family and friends on the camping trip I talked about last Thursday. And after all the packing of essential sewing equipment, I hardly did any sewing at all!! I also forgot to pack my camera, so I don’t have a single photo to document the trip.

I really need to shape up!! Not only do I have no quilting to blog about, but I don’t even have photos of other things to blog about!!!

DH and I are supposed to go to the dentist today (actually, just DH, but I have to go for moral support!), so I won’t be getting much accomplished today. And tomorrow is the start of the quilt show that our group puts on each year. I’ll be working there – helping to set up and get quilts registered. And Friday I’ll be working for my other boss again. So this week is going to be a big bust as far as getting any quilting done!!

I think I really need another quilt retreat with my QFF’s so that I can get something accomplished. I just don’t know when I would be able to squeeze something like that in to the schedule. Don’t worry girls, I have the shop hop marked in permanent ink, so I’ll be there for that!!! But, face it, we’re not going to get a lot of sewing done on that weekend!! Maybe some in the evening, if we’re not too exhausted from all the travel and shopping! 😉

I’m just going to have to get back into the swing of things and fit some sewing time in between all the other stuff that I have to do!!

Wish me luck!


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